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2014 Viking VFD46R16F4 2014 
2014 Viking 46ft x 102in 40 ton drop deck trailer, Tri-Axle, with readily accessible ramps, 22.5LP tires, 4 spring suspension, Apitong wood deck. This is a extremely versatile trailer - ideal for equipment hauling, construction, hay hauling, etc.
Viking VFD46R16F4 San Angelo TX 33190 38,650
2014 Viking 16F35T 2014 
35 TonSkidder Trailer Dovetail with NO Ramps.
Viking 16F35T Lubbock TX 33277 36,266
2014 Viking VFD46R16F3 2014 
Viking "Load Handler" Lowboy, 86,000 GVWR, 46ft OA Length, 9ft-3in Front Deck, 27ft-8in Rear Deck, 48in 5th Wheel Height, 5ft Dovetail, 16in I-Beam Main Frame, 8in Crossmembers, 12in Channel Siderails, (18) Total D-Rings, Hutch H-9700T Three Point Leaf Spring Suspension, 25,000lb Meritor Axles, (2) 6 Stand Up Ramps w/ Compression Springs.  Price includes FET... Give us a call today
Viking VFD46R16F3 Amarillo TX 33539 33,300
2014 Viking VFD46R16F4 2014 
40 ton trailer consists of a steel frame with awooden deck, drop deck with 9ft-3in upper deck, 28ft-6in lower deck, w/ 46ft overall length, 108in width, spring ride suspension, with loading ramps, all steel wheels
Viking VFD46R16F4 Abilene TX 33715 38,690
2014 Viking VFD46R16F4 2014 
New 2014 Viking 3 Axle Trailer "Loadhandler" Low Boy, 46ft x 108in, 20 Inch Rise Drop Deck, 18 D Rings, Rockwell 25,000 lb. 5in Axles, 2 Speed- 62,500 lb. Landing Gear, 2 Inch Nominal Oak Flooring. Great HD Work Trailer! Price Includes FET Tax.
Viking VFD46R16F4 Amarillo TX 33897 38,650
2014 Viking VFD46R16F3 2014 
Viking 35ton Lowboy trailer with ramps.  Great construction or oilfield trailer.  Get it while you can!
Viking VFD46R16F3 Hays KS 33919 33,650
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